Itsy Bitsy Dance - An early introduction for toddlers and children into the fantastic world of creative dance! 

Come and have a boogie with your little one in our interactive boogie creative dance sessions. 
Or bring your little one along to one of our creative ballet sessions for 2-3yr, 3-4 yr olds and 5-8yr olds. 
For babies and younger toddlers why not try one of our 6 week movement to music courses that we run throughout the year. 

Relaxed classes, no examinations, no competitions. Itsy Bitsy produces quality dance tuition taught at the highest level, benefiting every child. Dance is a creative art form and every child should be given the chance to dance. 

                                     Itsy Bitsy is Fun, Imaginative and Creative! 


Fun, Giggles and Big Smiles. We love Skipping, Marching, Singing and Wiggling.

 Materials, Ribbons, Percussion & Puppets.

Your little one will love dancing skipping, jumping and wiggling along the way and using their imaginations to take them on creative adventures and journey's through dance and movement. In boogie class Parent/carer will stay to help and encourage and support their child during these sessions. A great opportunity to spend some quality time with your child and share in a great activity together. 
In the creative ballet sessions you can leave your child (while you just wait just outside the door, so you are there if they need you) allowing your child that time to spend with other children learning and having fun through fun and creative ballet sessions. 

Please look at List of Classes to find dates and times. 
Please contact us for more information info@itsybitsydance.com 

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